Why Choose Bado Face Masks

Why Choose Bado Face Masks

With face masks now part of the new normal, so many options have started to pop up in the market. It can be quite overwhelming. You might be asking yourself, "Which one do I get?"

At Bado, we make sure to produce only the best possible quality products we can. Here are some reasons why you should choose our face mask!

Free Water-Resistant Reusable Filter

For added safety, each face mask comes with a free water-resistant filter which you can easily insert in the built-in mask pocket.

Suitable for Everyday Use

Minimize waste and expenses by opting for a reusable face mask. Simply handwash the mask and filter after wear, leave them to dry, and use them again the next day.

Offers a Better Fit

Our handcrafted masks come in different sizes for women, men, and kids! We also added a bendable nose clip to achieve a better fit and comfort for you.

Made From Select Fabric

Some fabrics from our past BADO collections have been upcycled into face masks. We used breathable fabric that is durable and transmits moisture away from the body.